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Information about the broker CoinYards

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Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
Regulators: -
Foundation date: 2017

Brief informationCoinYards

CoinYards is a fintech project with two lines of business. This is a cryptocurrency investment fund and a chargeback company.

“Commercial secret,” - the company answers the question about how to make a profit. However, they are praised by three robots developed by local specialists. CoinYards also uses a secret “refund” algorithm.

Here are the numbers you might need to know about CoinYards:

  • since 2017 they invest in robots, cryptocurrencies, mining and ICO;
  • use three bots: one scalps, the second arbitrates, the third forms a set of assets recommended for purchase;
  • provide services to customers from 97 countries;
  • the system processes 2,547 transactions per day;
  • robots carry out 14 736 transactions per day.

CoinYards offers 3 investment plans: Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC. Plans, in their turn, have levels: “Basic”, “Classic”, “Gold”, “Platinum”. And each level involves three options for generating income: hourly, daily and weekly. The longer the investment is, the more favorable the conditions are.The higher the level of the plan is, the more you can earn. The following indicators are taken into account: % of profit, deposit size, deposit retention period,% of withdrawal commission,% of total income. The type of payment is the same everywhere - instant, the deposit body is also included in each plan.

The minimum amount of bitcoin that you can give for management is 0.05. Ethereum is 1, and Litecoin is 0.3. You don’t get the body of the investment back: the website says that it is included in the profit.

CoinYards names 4 of its advantages:

  1. secure servers,
  2. ssl-certificate,
  3. 24/7 support,
  4. “one of the highest ROIs without risk for the investor.”

CoinYards has a news section, but has not been running since March 2019. There is a substantial Q&A section - answers to popular questions. And if you can’t solve the problem in this format, you can contact support. It answers calls (sorry that the number with the Swiss code) and emails. You can also write a message through a special form. If you are worried about a language barrier, it is in vain: specialists communicate in Russian and English.

We will clarify the legal information. The CoinYards brand is owned by PSP Joint Systems and is registered in the UK. Coin Yards employees are located in Zurich.

Fintech project maintains contact with large-scale businesses: Blockchain, Orange, JPMorgan, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald's, IGI, Nestle, Alico Incorporated. Why do so famous companies choose CoinYards?


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