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Dorman Trading

Dorman Trading

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Dorman Trading Quick reference

The brokerage company Dorman Trading is one of the oldest family companies specializing primarily in working with futures. Despite the investment focus, the broker assists traders with other financial instruments. The company was founded by Bernard Dorman in 1956 and is based on the principle of personal service. The company provides a wide range of services for traders not only in the field of trade, but also in the design and re-direction of proper documentation. The head office is in Chicago, the USA. As a clearing COMPANY, Dorman Trading provides access to major exchanges such as CME, ICE American and British affiliates, Chicago Options Exchange, European Exchange, which specializes in derivative financial instruments, as well as MGEX and Eris Exchange.

Services for various types of clients

Dorman Trading provides specialized services to a wide variety of types of clients. First of all, the company covers the needs of professional investors. Thanks to qualified staff, it provides excellent services to even the most demanding customers.

To optimize its activities, the company uses modern trading technologies that give very accurate price projection in the future. Signals are generated based on trading patterns that are superimposed on current price fluctuations. Signals are generated based on trading patterns that are imposed by current price fluctuations. The system creates algorithms through which data runs and a specific price projection is formed at the output in a certain period of time. Dorman Trading emphasizes the feasibility of using such systems in modern trading, since machine methods are practically not affected by impulsive emotional decisions. Trading systems have already established themselves as an effective trading solution, as they can give carefully verified recommendations on activities in the market 24/7.

Dorman Trading helps the participants of the financial market of all kinds and specifics of professional qualifications, ranging from a sales adviser for seasonal goods or an emerging markets expert to traders who deal only occasionally. The company is ready to provide proper service according to the most unique customer requests.

Dorman Trading provides centralized trading support - the key to quick and reliable placement of orders with the highest level of transparency and efficiency.

Trading technologies

The company provides access to a whole suite of platforms and trading instruments, as well as a system of trade placement and support in the CME data center. This allows the clearing company to provide access to all types of futures and options of the American market not only for exchange traders and funds, but also to intermediary brokers. DormanTrading constantly invests a lot of money in an online trading platform. To remain the supplier of high-quality financial products on the market, the company works with more than 35 platforms of the latest generation. Among them you may find such serious technical products as CQG Desktop, HF, iBroker, MotiveWave, MultiCharts, TradingView and many others.

Replenishment and withdrawal of funds

Before you start trading, depositing and withdrawing funds, you should create an account. Dorman Trading allows you to open an account quickly and easily - just fill in the online form. In addition to the usual information, you must also specify the type of account, depending on the variety of stakeholders. The account can be individual or joint, corporate or LLC, affiliate or trust. When choosing an account type, build on your trading goals and objectives. The minimum deposit is $ 3000.


Dorman Trading is one of the leaders in providing brokerage services in the field of futures and options trading. The company works only with highly qualified customers with high annual income and this is a disadvantage for ordinary citizens. Collaboration with non-residents of America is also problematic.

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