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International Financial Services

International Financial Services

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  • Founded: 2010

International Financial Services Quick reference

International Financial Services is an independent state financial supervisor responsible for the return of funds from brokers and other companies that do not give individuals and legal entities access to their own money and investments. These can be companies from the banking sector, the insurance sector, as well as the securities sector. The organization operates in Europe and also provides its services in the United States, Asia and the CIS. The company is headquartered in Germany in Frankfurt. The founding date of International Financial Services is unknown, but on the official website it is indicated that it has over 10 years of experience.

What  IFS says about itself – facts in numbers  

  • The company has 2,600 employees.

  • IFS services are used by over 5,000 customers. 

  • The organization made 6,840 returns.

  • 87% of successful cases.

The company controls 1,630 banks, including 90 branches of German banks in Europe, as well as 540 insurance institutions, 30 pension funds and 400 capital management organizations.

Services of International Financial Services 

In addition to refunds and detecting regulatory violations, IFS also provides a range of services:

  • opening of companies of any orientation in offshore zones;

  • business consulting in legal matters;

  • registration of a company in European countries;

  • assistance in obtaining a license;

  • opening accounts for individuals and legal entities anywhere in the world;

  • development of individual investment projects, as well as projects for the management of real estate, capital and so on.

How to apply for the withdrawal of funds?

To use the services of the supervisory authority, which is the IFS, you need to fill out the form, which is presented on the site. You can get to it by clicking the "Refund request" button. The questionnaire should indicate your name, surname, patronymic, phone number, email address, as well as the address of registration. In a separate column, you need to describe the problem and attach documents that will help in resolving the issue.

How is the application for withdrawal considered?

IFS first examines the material provided and evaluates the situation. If there are additional questions, the company will contact the complaining customer. If the solution to the problem is within its competence, a letter of complaint is sent to the defendant.

The defendant must explain in detail to International Financial Services the reasons for the non-return of client funds. If they prove to be legitimate, then the supervisor will not intervene and cannot satisfy the client’s request for a refund. If the actions of the defendant prove to be contrary to the letter of the law, the IFS will intervene and begin the refund procedure. In working with client complaints, the company uses industry regulators, as well as the legal system.

Compensation and assets protection 

IFS calls itself a company that cares about its traders. It provides additional financial protection through the Commission’s Compensation Fund. This fund provides financial cover of up to 200 thousand euros per person. Compensation is distributed between 15 and 30 days.

What is the above-mentioned fund? This is a kind of insurance policy for those, who are members of the Commission. The insurance fund is kept in a separate account and is only involved if the participating company does not comply with the decision of the Finance Commission.

Prices of services of International Financial Services 

Payment for company services is carried out in two stages:

  • after the first consultation with company representatives and making a decision on cooperation, 1% of the amount of the return, indicated in the complaint, must be paid;

  • the rest is charged after the completion of the case, the amount of post-payment is not specified on the site.

You can transfer funds for services in any way: by using a card, bank or electronic payment.


International Financial Services calls itself an international company with solid experience, but this does not mean that you need to blindly trust it. We recommend you to find out what those who have already used its services think about the organization. Feedbacks from customers can be found online.

Also, when concluding an agreement with IFS, it is important to read the document carefully, as well as to ask questions to company representatives immediately. Do not ignore this step, because the safety of your money is entirely in your hands.

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