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  • Jurisdiction: USA
  • Regulators: NFA
  • Founded: 2003

NinjaTrader Quick reference

The group of the same name includes a provider, an IT company that develops software for the financial sector and brokers. NinjaTrader Group was established in 2003 in the USA. It received a brokering license from the National Futures Association - one of the most respectable financial regulators in the world.


Ninja Trader and various applications for it are their own development. The platform allows you to analyze more than a hundred markets, build charts and set the most personalized settings very quickly. You can trade manually or automatically. And also you may test strategies on the simulator and historical data. When you open an account with any deposit, the platform is provided for free. It has already more than 60 thousand users around the world.


  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Options

NinjaTrader advantages:

  • legality and reliability;
  • high-speed realization;
  • tight spreads;
  • powerful analytical tools for any task;
  • many applications and settings for any trading features, maximum individuality and adjustment to the preferences of each trader.


  1. NinjaTrader Group emphasizes three subsidiary brokers: Forex, futures and options. The conditions vary, but the starting algorithm is general
  2. Filling of application. After considering the application, the broker will adjust it and send a list of necessary documents. This is convenient feature
  3. Sending requested information, waiting for approval.
  4. Replenishment of the account with at least the minimum amount. It starts from $ 50 for Forex trading.
  5. After crediting money to the account, an instruction how to start trading in real life will be received.

It is very unprofitable to neglect the account: if even a single contract is not traded during a month, the broker will charge $ 25.

How to deposit and withdraw money

The general rule is fair for Ninja Trader: the more official a broker is - the less options and more attention to the legal circulation of funds are. So there are no electronic wallets and other systems that do not ask unnecessary questions. Only 3 methods are allowed:

  1. Check. It is allowed only within the USA. For free, but for shipping they may request $ 4.
  2. Bank transfer. Free deposit, withdrawal of $ 30 within the US and 40 EUR for other currencies and directions. The commission is fixed and does not depend on the amount of transfer.The withdrawal is available from the amount of $ 250 in the account. The broker will warn you how much should be left to keep the account active.
  3. Interbroker transfer. You will need to fill out an entire dossier on the recipient broker. Of course, it must be legal and have the right to work in the same countries as NinjaTrader.


The company is legal and very reliable. The withdrawal of funds is not only confusing but also expensive. And penalties for account inactivity don’t start after 3 months, as with most brokers, but only after 31 day. This strengthens our opinion that the main activity of NinjaTrader is the production and sale of software. And it provides brokerage services as side-line with all that it entails.

Moreover, the traders are esteemed as ideal testers of their technical developments. After all, investors do not require a salary and are ready to pay the company themselves.

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