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TMT Group

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TMT Group

Information about the broker TMT Group

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Foundation date: 2014

Brief informationTMT Group

TMT Group is positioning itself as a “solid foundation”. But this is a broker who invites you to trade and invest more.

TMT Group specializes in CFDs and its firm terminal has more than 150 symbols: contracts for currency pairs, US stocks, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, indices and oil.

The broker offers users a three-step strategy: (1) register, (2) select an account and replenish it, (3) enter the market. Is it worth going this way with the TMT Group? If you have a positive or negative experience, share it in your feedback.

TMT Group summary

Date of foundation. According to the site, the broker allegedly belongs to the well-known investment company Synergy Investments Ltd. Reportedly, this company launched the TMT Group brand in 2014.

In 2016, the broker allegedly introduced his own liquidity aggregator and order execution technology.

Location. TMT Group does not indicate an address where it would be possible to visit its employees.

Contacts. The broker left a phone number +44 (203) 1299953 (UK code) and e-mail for communication. The site also provides a feedback form.

Regulation. The broker does not indicate the information about receiving business license.

Terminal. TMT Group has developed its program for trading: it is called Web-terminal. The website emphasizes the fact that it is “stylish and modern”, displays quotes qualitatively and has a convenient profile.

TMT Group also developed Mobile trader. The application should be sought in the App Store and Google Play. 

Liquidity providers. The broker affirms that it cooperates with Deutsche bank, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase.

TMT Group trading terms

The broker offers two types of interaction: 1 - consulting department, 2 - investment portfolios. There are no standard accounts in which the terms of trade for every pocket are described.

So, TMT Group offers to earn with the help of a financial consultant. How does it work? If the client chooses this type of cooperation, he/she receives recommendations by phone, SMS or email. Starting capital, according to the website, can be of any amount. The possibility of becoming a VIP is also stipulated.

Getting the help of an analyst, one can hope for an income of up to 12.7% within 90 days. There are also other promises: individual investment portfolios, independence in decision-making, training, effective risk management and continuous analytics.

Investment portfolios are the second option for cooperation with the broker. There are portfolios of Franklin, Buffet and Samuelso.

Franklin requires up to $ 10,000 per account. Investment term is 3 months, promised profitability is 10.57%, possible drawdown is 4.5%.

The portfolio allegedly includes shares of Bank of America, Ebay, Ford, Twitter, Hewlett Packard, GoPro, etc.

Buffet requires from $ 10,000 to $ 50,000. Investment term is up to 1 year, the promised profitability for the quarter is 18.12%, a possible withdrawal is 4.5%.

The portfolio should include shares of Coca-Cola, Disney, Facebook, Nike, NVidia and other companies.

Samuelso requires from $ 50,000. Investment term is up to 3 years, the promised profitability for the quarter is 27.6%, a possible drawdown is 9.7%.

Customers can expect to find shares of Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Goldman Sachs, McDonald’s, Tesla and other companies in their portfolio.

The TMT Group website updates the economic calendar. Also there are educational materials on fundamental and technical analysis.

Feedbacks about TMT Group

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