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ACM Group

ACM Group

ACM Group Broker Information

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  • Jurisdiction: United Kingdom
  • Regulators: -
  • Founded: 1990

ACM Group Quick reference

ACM Group introduces itself as a company that manages its own and its client’s assets. 

In other words, ACM Group is a broker. The company reveals extremely little information about itself. However, the broker has an explanation for this. Supposedly, its clients value privacy. They choose ACM Group because it does not have a “visible presence in the market”.


Date of foundation. ACM claims to have a “strong position” in the financial market for over 30 years. It can be assumed that the broker emerged in 1990 or even earlier.

Location. ACM Group gives two addresses. Actual one - it is 40 Bank Street, Canary Wharf, London E14 SNR Great Britain. Allegedly, management and a call center are working here.

The second address is a legal one - 27 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AX Great Britain. Here, under the number 7150624, the parent company of the broker ACM Holdings Ltd. is registered

As you can see, ACM needs to be sought in Britain. Although the site also says that representative offices are open in key regions of the world.

Contacts. For communication ACM left an email, fax + 44 03 333 443737 and a feedback form. Please note that the broker prefers to communicate in text format.

Regulation. ACM does not show copies of permits on its website. However, it announces its independence, which allows it to avoid “conflicts of interest”.

Partners. ACM Group calls its customers partners. They are scattered around the globe: they can be found in the UK, Germany, Ireland, Russia, Turkey, Singapore and other regions of Asia.

Language. The website exists only in the English version. It’s useful for you to know this if you prefer service in Russian.

Trading terms

ACM Group has no habitual accounts with minimal deposits and parameter sets. It seems that the details of the interaction need to be clarified personally if the broker interests a user.

BrokerTribunal brought together those pieces of information that are published on in different sections.

  • ACM Holdings Ltd is involved in commercial and social projects, constructing residential buildings, processing oil and helping businesses with restructuring.
  • The company's strategy is to look broadly and explore all areas and available options for development.
  • ACM Group strives for excellence, professionalism and honesty in all its affairs.
  • It turns out that the broker offers individual solutions for investing money. They are designed to meet the needs and requirements of a client.
  • ACM Group monitors the situation in the world to solve the problems that modern investors and traders face.
  • Nevertheless, the broker's employees serve requests from users “within their capacities”, because they focus on existing customers.

As you can see, the broker does not disclose specific data about itself.


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