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FX Coin

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FX Coin

Information about the broker FX Coin

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Foundation date: 2017

Brief informationFX Coin

FX Coin is a service for transferring and exchanging cryptocurrencies for regular currencies. The resource promotes its own application and positions itself as an analogue of mobile banks.

Don’t confuse it with FX Coins

The name of the main character of the article does not have letter “s” in the end. But according to the requests in the search engines, the difference is very slight, and these two similar brands are often confused. Moreover, both companies work in the financial sector, including cryptocurrencies. FH Coins is a broker with a typical set of financial instruments. The companies have different owners, different registration and are not related to each other, except for similarities in their titles. Therefore, if you are more interested in the classic brokerage company FxCoins - we recommend switching to its overview on another page of our site.

Registration with FXCoin

The site does not require registration. It is needed only in applications, during the installation and configuration process. Personal account of FC Coin is the application itself.

It is paid little attention to filling out traditional questionnaires. The main thing is that user wallets are authorized.

There is a simplified registration option – it is via Facebook.

FXCoin names its advantages

  1. They have their own mobile application. According to the company, more than 7 thousand man-hours of programmers’ work have already been invested in it. On the site there are versions for iOS and Android for free download.
  2. The software is regularly updated.
  3. They provide operational and affordable technical support directly in the application: specialists answer questions in a special support window.
  4. High speed. The company assures that within the system the transfer of cryptocurrencies will take 2 seconds.
  5. Security and anonymity. The owners of the service report that an outside observer is not able to get information about where your coins and tokens were transferred to.
  6. They work around the clock, seven days a week.

How to make a cryptocurrency transfer through FX Coin

All practical information is collected in the "Reference" section. It is conveniently divided into thematic chapters and provided with screenshot illustrations.

The chapter on translations highlights the following important points:

  • To send coins you will need the recipient's email and phone number.
  • If he/she has not installed the FXCoin application yet – he/she will be able to configure it later by following the instructions in the email or SMS.
  • Until the recipient has opened the application and used the coins, the transaction can be canceled. This is the only case allowing the withdrawal.
  • Sent transfers are displayed in the application, in the "Transaction History" section. After the icon of two or more confirmations appears on the successful transactions, you can open and see all the details. The authors report that with this option, the recipient will not be able to lie about not receiving money in the hope of re-transfer.
  • There is nother application-independent way to see if everything is OK with the transfer - through the blockchain network. On the site you need to manually enter the recipient's address, then press enter. As soon as “1 confirmation” is displayed, you can screen yourself a proof of the successful execution of the transaction.

How to deposit, withdraw and change money through FXCoin

A section with replenishment options and instructions is in the directory on the site.

Via Qiwi. The service charges a commission of 2% + 50 rubles.

Via debit cards. You can buy cryptocurrency only through Russian VISA, MasterCard and MIR cards with 16-digit numbers and 3DSecure. The company still does not support the 18-digit and corporate exchanger, but assures that it is working on it.

Via Yandex.Money.

Virtual cards of this system are supported.

Via external transfers from another cryptocurrency address.

Via Pay Travel terminal. A terminal map for finding the nearest one can be opened directly in the application. In the terminal itself, the “Loan repayment” tab will be required, where through the search you need to find the microcredit company “Coffer”, click “recharge” and follow the instructions.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.00001 BTC and 0.001 LTC. The withdrawal cap is not limited.

Conclusion about FX Coin

The company seeks to occupy the empty and clearly demanded niche of the cryptocurrency bank. However, we recall that in the CIS countries the circulation of tokens and coins is now outside the legislative field. This means that if something goes wrong, no one will protect the rights of the company's customers.

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