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AFS Finance

AFS Finance

AFS Finance Broker Information

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  • Jurisdiction: Marshall Islands
  • Regulators: -
  • Founded: 2004

AFS Finance Quick reference

AFS Finance invites you to "invest in the future." The broker means trading CFDs on currency pairs, stock market indices, raw materials, US and Russian shares, bonds.

AFS Finance brags about three numbers:

  • 108 successful investment models,
  • 13 market research awards,
  • 15 years on the market. 

You are don’t have to believe in these statistics. The broker also lists his values: (1.) integrity, (2.) meritocracy (leading positions are occupied by the most capable people - ed.), (3.) desire to win, (4.) training. It is hoped that the broker adheres to all this stuff.

AFS Finance summary

Date of foundation. If you believe, then the broker is more than 15 years old - it appeared in 2004. Since 2005, AFS Finance has been looking for technologies that will make its services better. The company supposedly does not stop researching and developing.

Location. The broker reports that the head office is in the UK. Address: Suite 23049, 8 Shepherd Market, Mayfair, London W1J 7JY.

AFS Finance is owned by AFS Corp Limited. It is registered in an offshore zone called the Marshall Islands. Here are its coordinates: Trust Company Complex; Ajeltake Road; Ajeltake island; Majuro MH96960.

Contacts. AFS Finance can be contacted in three ways. (1.) Call +7 (800) 55-04-497 (Russia), (2.) write to and (3.) submit application for communication via the feedback form.

Regulation. The broker shows a scan copy of the certificate of conformity by FMRRC No. CPF RU 0395 AA VO144 on its resource. AFS Finance got this document on December 18, 2019, and on December 18, 2020, its validity expired.

Terminals. AFS Finance offers customers to use the Web-terminal: in a browser, on a PC or from a smartphone.

AFS Finance trading terms

This broker has no habitual accounts. One can only guess at the minimum deposit, trading parameters and support services. But on the site, you can still get some information.

  • The broker derives quotes from the exchanges OTC, WSE, NASDAQ, NYSE, LME, SWX, MOEX, Euronext, BMV, KRX, TSE, NSEI, CBOE, ICE, FTSE, XETRA, BCPP, SSEE, Bovespa, ASX, etc.
  • The broker offers different leverage levels for instruments: currency pairs - 1: 100, indices - 1:50, raw materials - 1:50, US stocks - 1:10, Russian stocks - 1:50, bonds - 1:50.

Nothing more is known about trading conditions. However, there is still information about AFS Finance that you would be interested in.

Analytics. The broker freely publishes Interfax news and forex quotes, stocks and indices. The broker updates the economic calendar.

Training. AFS Finance has published training materials on exchange rates, exchange floors, volatility, risk management, macroeconomics and reports.

Also, AFS Finance holds webinars once a month. The speaker is Grigory Volgarev, topics range from trading ideas to technical and fundamental analysis.

Work. The broker invites you to work with it. For everyone who wants to become part of the AFS Finance team, there is a feedback form. Apparently, there is a need for specialists of different positions. However, nothing is mentioned about the requirements, duties and salaries.

Feedbacks about AFS Finance

Have you traded or invested with AFS Finance? Write a feedback about this! Tell us about expectations and reality, financial results and about the interaction with the broker in general. Your opinion may be useful to colleagues.

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