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Information about the broker LBLV

Rating: 1
Jurisdiction: -
Regulators: FCA
Foundation date: 2019

Brief informationLBLV

LBLV calls itself a successful international broker that provides investment services in different countries of the world. The date of foundation of the company is not indicated on the site. The head office is in the Seychelles. Registration Address: Suite C, Orion Complex, Palm Street, Victoria. The broker claims that it has an FCA regulator license, but the document itself is not presented on the site. LBLV is a trademark of LBLV Ltd, a company registered in Cyprus. Customers should pay attention to the existence of two sites: lblv com and lblv ru.

According to the site, the broker has 36 offices spread over five continents. The number of employees in the entire network exceeds 2,400, and more than 98,000 traders use the services of the company. The site presents awards, as well as a list of partners. The company provides the following reasons why potential traders need to execute trade deals with the broker:

  • It has free customer training. According to the information provided, traders have access to a wide range of training materials: video tutorials, webinars, courses. This program will help novice traders to get used to the financial services market.
  • It provides flexible leverage. Traders are offered to use a leverage of 1: 500. Client orders usage is carried out at the volume-weighted average price.
  • It has low spreads. According to the information provided, the cost starts from 0.1 points.

LBLV trading instruments

The broker offers to trade in more than 50 currency pairs, as well as precious metals: gold, silver, palladium, platinum. Also these commodities are available: wheat, natural gas, copper. You can trade in indices and stocks. In this way, LBLV provides access to three major financial markets:

  • Forex,
  • Stock market,
  • Commodity market.

The most popular currency pairs are AUD / USD, EUR / GBP, EUR / USD, GBP / USD, USD / JPY. Lblv broker trading info (trade information about the company) also includes the following facts. Thus, the company does not provide an opportunity to execute trade transactions using cryptocurrency pairs. Considering that virtual currencies do not have a legal status in the Russian Federation, then in this case clients do not risk when trading with the broker. Often in situations with a refund, cryptocurrency traders can experience difficulties. However, the vast majority of users may be looking for a company that offers the widest possible range of trading instruments.

LBLV trading conditions and types of accounts  

According to the information provided, customers are offered low prices in the financial market. Depending on the type of trading account, traders invest with low fees. Access to the foreign exchange market is open around the clock: traders can open positions at any time. To increase investments, traders are provided with the opportunity to use leverage.

LBLV offers six work accounts designed for customers with different levels of trading skills and financial capabilities. There is an Islamic account. As for the demo account, the broker does not have one.

The company offers the following trading conditions:

  • Minimum deposit — 5 000 USD;
  • maximum deposit — 1 million USD;
  • leverage — 1:500;
  • the price difference depends on the selected account and starts from 0.1 points.

According to the information provided, clients are provided with both floating and fixed spreads. At the moment, the volatility of the selected trading instrument and additional factors have an influence on it. Potential clients are also provided with additional offers. So, for example, a trader can get a deposit bonus of 30%. Any bonus is credited to the trader's account automatically, according to the information provided in the "FAQ" section.

LBLV trading platforms 

For trading the broker provides MetaTrader 5 platform with more than 500 instruments in the currency, stock and commodity markets. You can download it from the link on the site. For those who want to trade without downloading a terminal, the web trader platform is available. It is compatible with any browser. Users are provided with access to controlling the account and to the history of trade transactions. The convenience of using the terminal is in the fact that quotes are constantly being supplied in real time mode. The system is constantly updated according to the information provided. In addition, the broker's representatives note that the platform provides wide access to technical instruments and algorithmic trading. Traders are also guaranteed the security of trade execution. Personal data of traders is protected thanks to the coding system.

There is a mobile application for smartphones, which can also be downloaded from the website. According to the information provided, clients can trade using any device: tablet, smartphone. Traders will be able to open trading positions and monitor the situation in the financial markets at any time. So, the mobile application interface supports two options for accounting of trading positions. We are talking about netting and hedging systems. The first option assumes that a trader can only open one position for a specific instrument in one direction. This position accounting system is often chosen when working with the stock market. The hedging accounting system gives the possibility of opening a large number of positions with a selected instrument in different directions.

The broker's clients independently choose the type of account that fully complies the wishes regarding the nature of trading. It should only be added that a hedging account is recommended for traders who use locking and trade with several orders for one instrument.

Registration with LBLV and personal account

Registration on the site takes no more than two minutes, as the broker promises. You need to fill out the standard registration form. To go to the form, click the "Registration" button located on the right on the top panel. You can also register by clicking the "Trade" or "Open an account" button.

When filling out the form, you must indicate the last name, surname and patronymic, as well as the registration address and email address. In addition, the client indicates the country of residence, base currency, city, contact phone number for communication in the corresponding fields of the registration form. At the end of the procedure, you must accept the terms of the user agreement and the declaration of risk. Before checking the corresponding box, we advise you to familiarize yourself with these documents.

After registration, customers will have a LBLV personal account. It stores personal information, as well as income and transaction reports. To start trading, you need to enter your personal account, select an account and deposit money.

Replenishment and withdrawal of funds 

You can deposit money into the account from the card, by bank transfer. The term of enrollment is from 1 to 3 days. The broker does not charge a commission, but you should remember that commissions are charged by banks, the cards of which are used by traders. The currencies, accepted by the broker, are American and Australian dollars, euros and pounds sterling.

You can also replenish the deposit from any electronic wallet in any of the above currencies, except for the Australian dollar. Duration is from 2 to 5 days. Transfer and withdrawal is carried out without commission.

Bank transfer is another way to open a deposit. The currency is the same as when replenishing with a card. Transaction takes from 3 to 5 days. There is no broker commission.

You can withdraw money by any of the above methods. The broker processes the applications within a day, but the receipt of money on the card should be expected in 2 - 9 days. The broker does not charge fee for its services. As for the minimum withdrawal amount, it is set only for a bank transfer -  it is $ 50. 

Potential clients of the broker should pay attention to the section of legal information called "Refund Policy". This document consists only of two pages long. The text contains information that the customer can apply for a refund. The company will review and evaluate the application. Credit card transactions can be refunded with the same amount originally deposited by the customer.

Training with LBLV

You can get an answer to questions regarding cooperation with the broker and trading by looking at the FAQ section. For new traders the company has prepared training materials that are stored in the "Education Center" section. Here are e-books on trading, as well as video tutorials on the most relevant topics:

  •  «Trading on financial markets»;
  • «Psychology of trading»;
  • «Social trading»;
  • «Technical indicators»;
  • «Forex strategies».

As an assistant for beginners and advanced traders, the site presents a section "Market Analysis". Also in the "Educational Center" there is a heading "Trading Signals", "Calendar" and "Market Comments". Novice market participants are also provided with the service of acquaintance with the MetaTrader5 platform. To learn about the nuances of working with the terminal, a potential client visits the appropriate section - «Information on the platform». So, this platform is offered to be used by novice traders, since using the terminal is not difficult. According to the information provided, ECN brokers recommend using this terminal.

 Clients that don’t get around well in the financial market can use the "Online Trading Basics" tab. In this section a trader can find important information about online trading. Thus, the importance of the size of investments is explained to novice market participants. The client is told about the existence of firms that are asked to deposit a minimum investment. This option allows you to start trading, but the broker specifies: you must beware of companies with similar conditions.

They also explain to traders that it is necessary to check with the broker about the availability of commission for inaction. It is all about the situation when a client opens a trading account, but does not use it for a certain period of time. In this case, you should pay attention to companies that offer low commissions. The company representatives also emphasize the importance of diversifying the investment portfolio, since such an option allows you to count on a stock of assets in any situation. In conclusion, there are three tips for novice traders:

  • ignore your emotions (fear);
  • do not start making trade transactions without a thorough analysis of the market situation and market trends;
  • do not buy an asset or a pair if the cost is high.

The above recommendations are given at the end of the "Basics of Online Trading" section.

LBLV technical support

LBLV Technical Support is available 24 hours a day, five days a week. For communication with employees of the company there is a telephone, as well as e-mail. Clients can receive answers to questions of concern by clicking on the "Email Us" button. In the form that appears, you need to specify your email address and name. If a customer calls the support center, he/she is not charged additional commissions, according to the information in the "FAQ" section.

The broker calls its own customer support a high-class support, and assures that no other financial company has any better. The broker promises assistance in any matters to all traders, no matter what continent they live on. However, in this matter you should definitely pay attention to lblv feedbacks: real customers’ comments show how convenient it is to trade with a company.

If you pay attention to real feedbacks about the lblv broker, then some of the commentators are satisfied with the work of the employees. So, some traders note that they solve the problem within 2-3 hours. Below in the text there are comments in which customers talk about solving the problem within two weeks.

Lblv company: user reviews about the broker

Customers’ feedbacks will help to form a full understanding of lblv forex broker. The network contains a fairly large number of comments regarding the work with this company. Thus, many clients note that, according to the broker's terms, the spread decreases after the growth of the deposit. Users emphasize that the highest spreads are set on accounts where the size of the deposit is small. If you follow these conditions, then a potential client risks trading with the minimum deposit.

Another nuance is working with the terminal. An attempt to enter the MT5 terminal using a web browser fails. After these actions, the terminal stops functioning. At the same time, clients can work using a mobile device without any problems. The technical support service cannot solve this problem for about 14 days, which reduces the customer's motivation, since the customer service employees do not provide full access to the terminal. However, this is an isolated case, since other users note that they do not have similar problems.

Another remark from traders, commenting on the work of the company, is rather active work of managers who, apparently, offer to invest the maximum amount of funds in a trading account. However, customers can open an account on their own without resorting to the help of a manager. Experienced market participants can also open and close positions on their own.

Considering the above information, reliable customer feedbacks about lblv help to draw attention to important nuances in the trading process later. So, potential users make the final decision about whether it is comfortable to work with the company.

There are also feedbacks on the net that lead to the idea that the lblv broker is a scam. So, commentators note that managers sometimes refused to work, explaining that this decision was made due to unprofitable cooperation with the client. At the same time, traders emphasized that the technical part of the work of the company's employees is not satisfactory. Potential traders are advised to pay attention to the fact that the company has started operating in the market recently.

To minimize the risks when working with this broker, you should also consult with a financial expert. The help of a highly qualified specialist allows you to pay attention to important nuances that the client can ignore. It is also important to read foreign sources that contain additional information - broker lblv feedbacks (review). Information about the company in other countries may differ from that provided on local sites. Such information will also help to form an overall picture of working with the broker.


LBLV offers high-risk investments. This means that when opening an account on this site you need to be prepared for financial losses. The broker promises security and fair conditions, but we recommend you not to take the word for it, but to check it. Make up your mind about LHLV. To do this, collect feedbacks from traders about the company on the network, get acquainted with all legal documents, ask the project consultants questions that concern you. Be extremely careful, and if you decide to invest, then at least at first do not deposit large sums. Start trading with a minimum deposit, and that means $ 5,000 for this broker.

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