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Tasbiw Broker Information

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  • Jurisdiction: Switzerland
  • Regulators: -
  • Founded: 2020

Tasbiw Quick reference

Tasbiw is an intermediary in the Forex and CFD markets. According to information on its resource, the broker receives liquidity from Citibank, Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and generates a stream of quotes “at the best prices”. Traders are supposed to register ECN accounts and conclude transactions on the interbank market.

Tasbiw ltd claims to have 200+ trading instruments and shows contract specifications. The broker convinces that it quickly executes orders and instantly pays out earnings. In addition to trading, it offers one-to-one training and free group courses.

Tasbiw Ltd summary

Date of foundation. It is known that Tasbiw ltd was founded by traders “with many years of experience”. And this is where the biographical data ends. The only date mentioned on is 2020. The company may have started providing services this year or earlier.

Location. The website indicates the coordinates of Bahnhofstrasse 23/15, Zurich, Switzerland. It is assumed that the broker's office is located there. But it is not mentioned that the broker is also registered in this country and pays taxes.

Contacts. The support service responds within 24 hours on business days. There is a feedback form, emails and, numbers +41 44 396 76 86 (Swiss code) and +7 495 049 36 89 (Russian code).

Regulation. The broker does not disclose that it has received a license to conduct financial activities or joined a self-regulatory organization.

Terminal. Tasbiw offers to download ActTrader to your computer. This is an application for making transactions and managing accounts. It allows you to create and test automated trading strategies. The broker has also provided a browser version of the platform. It promises that the interface will be familiar to many users.

Account management, news feed and signal generation are additional services of ActTrader.

Tasbiw trading terms

The broker lists the trading parameters:

  • low spreads,
  • demo account with $1 000,
  • insurance of transactions,
  • personal analyst,
  • stable payments,
  • training program,
  • European service standards.

There is little specificity here. A set of accounts could reveal the information. However, Tasbiw did not describe them. The broker gave them the names: Standard, Silver, Gold and Platinum. But the conditions, including minimum deposits, were not described.

It is only known that Tasbiw offers the leverage in the amount of 1: 200. Margin call and stop-out levels are not specified.

Tasbiw offers analytical support. First of all, we are talking about the economic calendar. It is needed for an objective assessment of the current state of the market and making a forecast for the next period. Secondly, the broker has provided a stock market widget. The latter shows the top 5 stocks that are growth leaders, point losers and the most active of the day. The widget helps to capture the picture of the stock market.

Third, the Tasbiw site displays a heat map of currencies. The table displays the percentage change in the price of currencies and metals in relation to each other. It helps to measure the potential of movement in one direction or another.

Feedbacks about Tasbiw Ltd

Have you traded with Tasbiw Ltd? Write a feedback and rate the broker's services from 1 to 5. Can you recommend it? Express your opinion. It will come in handy for traders who cannot decide whether to cooperate with Tasbiw.

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