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Corsa Capital

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Corsa Capital

Information about the broker Corsa Capital

Rating: 0
Regulators: -
Foundation date: 2007

Brief informationCorsa Capital

This dealing center specializes in providing access to the Forex market. The center reports that it was founded in 2007, but does not publish registration documents and licenses. The address and even jurisdiction are also not known: only telephone and Internet are offered for communication.

What offers

Only option trading in the Forex market is available.

The broker offers intraday and dated options for which it is necessary to predict the foreign exchange movement during one trading day or within a certain period. Their following categories are specified:

  • Aimed at increasing: it is offered to try to make a profit by guessing increase in the rate between 2 time points. The odds are fixed at 1.80.
  • Aimed at decreasing: the essence and odds are similar to the previous ones, but it concerns decrease forecasting.
  • Aimed at closing: you need to guess what the rate will be at the time the option closes. The odds are not fixed and will be calculated after trader sets all the parameters.
  • «Two points»: within one day it is necessary to mark two points that the rate will affect at any time after purchase of an option. The size of the prize is also determined after setting the parameters.
  • «No affect»: you need to determine the levels that the price will not affect for the entire duration of the option.

Tick options - they are tied to minimal price changes. This is already a variation of binary options, but the bet is on the so-called “ticks”: minimal steps when the price changes. Forecast and bet example: that after 30 ticks the rate will be higher than the starting one.

The minimum option price for Corsa Capital is $ 0.1.

The broker emphasizes that the cost of options is fixed, so it does not offer leverage in such trading.

Replenishment and withdrawal

They are offered to be made via bank transfers, Qiwi Wallet, Yandex.Money, Skrill.

To withdraw funds you will need to fill out an application, which they promise to execute within 1 - 5 working days. You can withdraw funds the same way you’ve made a deposit, and strictly in the same currency.

Conclusion about Corsa Capital

Binary option is one of the most dangerous areas, which is poorly regulated even in the countries with the most advanced financial system. And choosing a broker without a license and address is a double risk. We recommend to be very careful.

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