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Coin Drop

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Coin Drop Quick reference

Coin Drop is an investment project for earning income by completing simple tasks on the company's platform. It is a recently launched website targeting high-yield investments for Filipino investors.

When visiting the website, no information is provided to the user regarding the investment project itself, the creators, the platform's working model, or the project's launch date. The only available information is the login and registration pages, and clicking on the "forgot password" button redirects to the technical support Telegram channel.

The functioning of the Coin Drop platform can only be speculated upon. Projects of this nature are designed to generate easy daily earnings online through a smartphone or PC account.

With the help of such projects, clients can increase the rating of their products on online stores, while users who participate in the investment project can earn income. All of this is achieved through a modern intelligent system, resulting in increased product ratings and subsequent sales volume.

For contacting customer support, there is a Telegram chat: @CoinDrop_cs.

Coin Drop Investment Offers

Since information about the activities of the Coin Drop company and its earning options is concealed by the organizers on the website, it can be assumed that users perform tasks for sellers on well-known internet platforms, such as purchasing products or completing tasks on social media platforms, like providing likes and comments. Users pay for the services of this project, and the platform pays commissions to registered clients who participate in earning.

Since projects of this nature follow a similar scheme, it is presumed that the company suggests registered participants make a deposit before engaging in activities on the platform.

Upon registration on the website, users receive a welcome bonus.

When users deposit funds, they also receive a bonus in the form of percentages from the system.

Subsequently, daily tasks are assigned to the account, and upon completion, the user receives rewards.

The amount of daily income depends on the deposit size—the larger the deposit, the higher the income.

CoinDrop also offers earnings through a referral program, as indicated by the registration process being performed using an invitation code or referral link.

Percentages are also accrued for each invited user, creating a kind of pyramid-based system of earnings.

Registration and Login to the Account

To register on the platform, users need to enter an invitation code obtained beforehand from project participants.

Registration is standard, with registration and login buttons located in the center.

Deposit Funding and Profit Withdrawal from CoinDrop

Regarding depositing and withdrawing funds from the CoinDrop platform, information is only accessible to registered members.


CoinDrop is an investment project created for earning income online by completing daily tasks.

Users receive rewards for each completed task.

The project also provides a referral program for earning income.

The platform does not present information about the project's legal activities, founders, or team. Contacting customer support is only possible through Telegram, and registration is exclusively done with an invitation code.

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