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  • Jurisdiction: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Regulators: no
  • Founded: 2019

Quotex Quick reference

In the promo block, the company positions itself as a smart investment platform. And only a careful study of the essence of investing, which brings you to a forecast of the movement of the price chart for a selected time, allows you to unambiguously determine the classification. Quotex is a binary options broker that avoids introducing itself directly. Probably that is because of the fear of blocking, since this type of trading is illegal in most countries of the world, or at least in an unregulated gray area.


In the footer, as well as in the header of the client agreement, it is indicated that the Internet resource is managed by Maxbit LLC with registration in offshore Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. It is better not to expect binaries to have a license for brokerage activities.

The "Contacts" section on the website contains only a feedback form and an offshore legal address. There is no phone or email available. Perhaps a larger number of contacts will become available to those who register a Quotex personal account. There are buttons with logos of several social networks and messengers. Technical support is provided through feedback forms and messengers.

The binary broker has been seen using many mirror sites. Among the noticed domains there are,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Quotex official website

A diligent attempt not to use the term “binary options” on the Internet resource by means of limiting their description, did not help to avoid blocking by at least some Russian providers.

That is why the broker simultaneously uses several mirror sites at once. At the moment of writing this article, the following domains are active:


Visually, they look the same, but there are still slight technical differences. For example, on, at the time of writing the article, the buttons leading to social networks and the telegram bot do not work, which are quite functional on other mirrors.

As for the rest of the information, the content of the site is reduced to the main page with a description of advertising benefits, a section with frequently asked questions and an “About us” page, which instead of information about the company tells about the terminal.

Login to Quotex personal account

The login button is located in the upper right corner. Registration is simple and democratic: an e-mail is enough to confirm it. When creating an account, you can also use your Google, Facebook, and VKontakte accounts. When registering, a referral link of the Quotex affiliate program can be used.

Verification is optional by default. In the FAQ section, the company notes that if it is necessary to pass it, it will send a notification to the email or phone number by SMS. In this case, the client will be required to send a scanned copy of the identity card, their own selfie portrait for photo comparison, and also confirm the registration address with utility receipts. They promise to complete the review within 5 working days.

Quotex trading platform

The company offers customers to use their own software. The terminal is called an innovative development for smart investments. After registration, you can get acquainted with it for free through a demo account: 10 thousand US dollars will be on the account (not real money, for training only).

Quotex names the following advantages of its terminal:

  • simple interface,
  • built-in free signals,
  • trading indicators,
  • highest speed.

The Quotex platform exists in two variants:

  • browser-based, no download required,
  • mobile, for which you need to download the application from Google Play.

How to trade binary options on Quotex

The system is very simple and is described on the official website in some detail directly on the main page.

As with any binary options, clients are offered to make a prediction about how the price will behave over a selected period of time: will it go up or down? If the forecast is justified, the user takes the winnings, in case of an erroneous one, he/she loses the bet.

To make predictions Quotex offers 410 assets, divided into the following categories:

  • currency pairs,
  • securities,
  • precious metals and energy carriers,
  • indices.

Each tool has its own expiration periods. In most cases, the minimum is 1 minute, the maximum is a whole calendar month, less often several months.

Depositing and withdrawal of funds with Quotex

There is enough information about this on all mirrors of the official site. It is set out as fully and officially as possible in the "Payment Policy", and a summary of all the key points can be found in the frequently asked questions.

The only thing that will have to be clarified only after registering through the Quotex personal account is the complete list of recommended payment systems: it depends on the country in which the trader is located.

This binary broker has been praised for having one of the most affordable minimum deposits of 5 USD, however it has recently been increased to 10 USD.

The main currency of the trading account can be selected during registration. By default, the online form suggests US dollars, but you can choose other currencies, including Russian rubles. You can also change your choice later, but by sending a request to technical support.

Before planning a withdrawal of money from Quotex, or better yet, before making a deposit, it is important to pay attention to bonuses - they can become a legal obstacle to the execution of a withdrawal request.

It is advisable to withdraw in the currency of your account. It is possible to withdraw funds in any other of the available currencies, however, in this case, Quotex converts at its own internal rate. And this rate is not indicated openly and in advance.

The "Payment Policy" promises consideration of the application for withdrawal within seven days, and exclusively business days are considered. Add to this the time for the money transfer itself: it turns out that the withdrawal procedure can take a week or even two.

The most alarming moment of the document is the statement about the right to withdraw certain costs and commissions, the exact amount or at least the mechanism for calculating are not disclosed in the “Payment Policy”.

Feedbacks about Quotex

A significant amount of feedbacks can be found in Runet, which confirms the company's interest in Russian-speaking users and activity in this direction. Comments are controversial.

Wherever there is an affiliate program, its members recommend the project, offering registration using their referral links and codes: most of the positive comments are just like that.

Quotex customers also write negative reviews that the demo mode is unrealistically advertising, and in real price movement does not always coincide with the market one. There are complaints about verification and difficulties with withdrawing funds.


We recommend that you remember that binary brokers are not regulated, so it is difficult to protect the rights of clients. We recommend monitoring current reviews to find out how the company works and whether it withdraws funds.

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