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Dealing world

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Dealing world

Information about the broker Dealing world

Rating: 0
Jurisdiction: -
Regulators: -
Foundation date: 2020

Brief informationDealing world

The company actually entered the market in 2020. There is a minimum of information about it even on the official website. We did not find registration documents, and a certificate of some Commission for the Control and Regulation of Financial Markets (CCRFM) signed by its head Anthony Schraud was presented as a license. However, it is impossible to identify the jurisdiction of the issuing authority and the company itself by the certificate form. It also did not figure on the list of well-known financial regulators. Such a certificate cannot replace a full-fledged brokerage license.

Nothing is indicated in the "Contacts" section: it offers only an email address. And there is a hint that after registration it will be possible to send messages through the online form. The phones have not been released. The Internet resource has versions in Russian and English.

Dealing world trading accounts and platforms

The software here is exclusively of the company’s own making. And it is not shown in the public domain.

Trading accounts and the users themselves are divided traditionally according to the amount of investment.

Standard clients are those who do not have extensive trading experience and make a deposit from 50 euros to 10 thousand euros. There is very high commission for maintaining the account: as much as 90 €. And the trading conditions are very vague. Only accruals on the balance and bonus points have been announced, but this is not about trading. It’s about the internal reward system.

VIP users. You can get into this category if you deposit 10 thousand - 50 thousand euros. Account maintenance fee was reduced to 50 € and bonuses increased.

Premium users are those who make a deposit over € 50,000.

Deposit and withdrawal of funds with Dealing world

You can deposit funds without commissions, but a client is charged services fees of the selected payment system. There are a lot of payment methods here: brokers that are not limited by the regulatory framework can afford to accept money by any means. There are among them:

  • bank cards of all types,
  • interbank money transfers,
  • leading and local payment systems,
  • electronic wallets.

Cryptocurrencies are not listed on the site, but the mark “and others” suggests that you can agree on any option. At least for the deposit.

A withdrawal request must be left through your Dealing account. Here you cannot withdraw money without a commission. Moreover, keep in mind that the payment is actually double: both to the broker and to the payment systems for the transaction. The most expensive bank transfer is the one with flat fee of 40 €. Other methods take 5% of the transfer amount.

Please be aware that all payments are made in euros. The company accepts any currency, but converts it into European currency at its own internal rate. And there is no guarantee that this rate will be okay for you.

Feedbacks about Dealing world

There are many complaints about the loss of money online. And there are also complaints about the fact that the company's employees persuaded potential customers to install Ani Desk's remote access program on their computer and provide them the code. This can be done under no circumstances!


This broker has no regulation, address, and apparently no real trading. We do not recommend taking risks. We also remind you that you mustn’t install software from questionable sources on your devices. This also applies to the obscure platforms of anonymous suspicious brokers and remote access programs. To find an honest broker, you can study the latest reviews and contact specialists.

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