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Information about the broker Exante

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Jurisdiction: Malta, Cyprus
Regulators: MFSA, FCA, CySEC
Foundation date: 2006

Brief informationExante

Exante is a well-known broker. It created its platform with 150,000+ available symbols. Stocks and ETFs, currencies, metals, futures, options, funds and bonds are traded from one account. Orders are sent to the exchange and out exchange markets.

Here's what the brand has to say about itself:

  • Exante is a “new generation” company;
  • services comply with safety and security standards;
  • the maximum number of exchange and out exchange markets;
  • finally, the Exante platform “works in the way it should work”.

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Exante summary

Key dates. The Exante brand has existed since 2006. It started with a private trust fund. In 2007, founders Alexey Kirienko and Anatoly Knyazev created a hedge fund, and in 2010 they launched a brokerage platform. A year later, the brand got a European license.

In the history of Exante the year 2012 marked the creation of a Bitcoin fund, the year 2015 marked the receipt of the second European license, the year 2017 marked the founding of Exantech (techno-community), Comino (gaming station) and STASIS (video game).

In 2018 the company won the “Investor of the Year” nomination at the Blockchain Awards. At the same time, the total assets exceeded $ 1 billion. In 2019 Exante got a license in Asia, was certified in Britain and opened an office in Amsterdam. And in 2020 March turned out to be successful, which was a record-breaking for the number of new customers.

Lcation. It is known that the company XNT LTD, which owns the Exante brand, is registered in offshores - in Malta (registry number - C 52182) and in Cyprus (registry number - HE 29359).

Exante has offices in 10 jurisdictions. This reference contains 5 relevant addresses for the BrokerTribunal audience.

So, in Moscow, you need to look for the office in 11 Bolshoy Savvinsky Alley. In St. Petersburg you can find the office at 26-A Liteiny Avenue. In Kiev - on 1-B Pavel Tychyna Avenue. In Almaty - on 104-B Dostyk Avenue. In Riga - on 2a Krimuldas iela.

Contacts. You can contact support service in different ways. The website provides an online chat and a form for requesting feedback. The email address, to which you can send messages, is

The support service answers calls by numbers +7 (495) 646-81-11 (Moscow office), 8 800 707-29-20 (St. Petersburg and Moscow), +380 44 390 9575 (Kiev), +7 727 224 5106 (Almaty), +371 67 881 871 (Riga).

Exante's marketers maintain social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Vkontakte, Instagram. You can also ask for help here.

Regulation. The broker claims to have 3 licenses. They were received by the parent company XNT LTD.

The first license has the seal of MFSA. The Maltese Office issued a document with the number IS / 52182. The second license with the identifier FRN 620980 originated from the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The third authorization document numbered 165/12 was issued by CySEC.

It was mentioned above that the broker got SFC license. However, the broker does not disclose its number, and does not specify whether it is valid. 

Managment. As stated, the company is headed by a team of professionals. We know the names of 7 managers. So, Anna Cox leads the compliance, Michael Bianchi, Lawrence Zammit and Joseph Zammit Tabona are on the advisory board, Patrick O'Brien is the main in communications and business relations. Business development is handled by Dainis Rosenfelds and Janis Kivkulis.

In total, the Exante team has 300 specialists.

Awards. The broker announces a number of distinguishing features. The most recent is of 2019, when Exante won the Best Trading Platform award. The expert jury consisted of specialists from the Global Banking and Finance Review.

Exanten trading terms

The broker opens two types of accounts: Demo and Live. At the first stage, a trader is expected to have virtual € 1,000,000 to test his/her strategies. And the second account allows you to trade for real. To open it, the user will have to provide documents according to the list. If everything is alright with them, an individual has to make a deposit of at least € 10,000, and corporate clients should deposit at least €50,000.

What documents are needed to be shown? An individual will need (1) an official ID, such as passport or driving license, (2) proof of residential address, such as a utility bill.

To open an account on behalf of a company, you need to collect a larger package of documents. It includes (1) a certificate of registration of legal entity or registration with the tax authority, (2) a statute of an entity, (3) a license, (4) a document that confirms the directorship, (5) an identity card and a registration certificate of each director, (6) a document that confirms the beneficial owners or distribution of shares, (7) proof of residence of each shareholder who owns 25% or more of the shares.

Verification of documents takes 1 day. If everything is alright with them, the new client gets full access to the platform.

Exante customers can deposit and withdraw funds only via bank transfer. The broker considers this method to be the safest for transactions with large amounts. The operation takes 2-3 days.

Exante allows you to withdraw any amount of money.

Exante platform

Exante traders conclude transactions on the brand platform. It supports such currencies: EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, GBP, HKD, JPY, PLN and RUB. Funds can be converted within the system at the current rate.

The Exante platform must be downloaded to a computer or smartphone. It integrates with Excel and allows you to fully automate trading thanks to the FIX 4.4 protocol. You can also set up a FIX connection.

A single trading account opens access to 50+ markets in the USA, Europe, Asia and Australia. Traders have the following instruments at their disposal:

  • 10,000 shares: blue chips and IPOs, stock markets of different countries;
  • 50 currency pairs, plus currency forwards and swaps;
  • metals: gold, copper, palladium, platinum and silver;
  • 500 types of futures contracts from 30+ world futures markets;
  • 6,000 options on a variety of basic assets;
  • 200 investment funds with different strategies;
  • government and corporate bonds.

Demo traders watch the quotes update with a delay of 30 minutes, and real clients get instant access to all financial markets.

The broker does not set a minimum trade size. You can trade in any amount or number of instruments, starting with one lot. At the same time, the lot size may differ depending on the exchange. Exante offers spreads from 0.3 pips on popular currency pairs. Execution of transactions is held within 10 ms.

Close Only mode is available on the platform. It is designed to protect against potential losses. This mode is turned on automatically when the balance drops below € 5,000. When it is activated, the trader cannot make new deals to purchase. The user only leaves applications to close previous transactions.

Exante commissions 

It is important for Exante clients to consider a lot of commissions in their money management. So, fees are charged for different “items”. For example, the maximum commission for an American Stock Exchange share is $ 0.02, futures and options trading costs $ 1.5, and metals trading is $ 3.

Manual execution costs € 90. The commission for forced closing (margin call) is also € 90. You need to look for information about current rollovers and overnight in your account. There is also a withdrawal commission: it is € 30 regardless of the withdrawal amount. In addition to everything, a bank that is outside the European Economic Area can charge its fee.

Swap-free Islamic accounts are not available.

Security with Exante

Like every broker, Exante calls itself the safest. The company gives 3 arguments.

  1. Exante falls within the scope of the MiFID directive. The company reports that it has implemented the necessary regulations, procedures and documentation.
  2. The broker recalls that it is licensed to provide investment services by three regulators.
  3. And in addition, the broker announces that it keeps clients’ funds in segregated accounts.

Exante also emphasizes that it has developed a trading platform from scratch. Like, the absence of third-party solutions guarantees its reliability.

Feedbacks about Exante

Share your trading experience with Exante. Rate the broker from 1 to 5 and tell us about your trading result. Your feedback is useful for traders that are looking for a reliable financial intermediary.

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