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Information about the broker Tickmill

Rating: 1.4
Regulators: CySEC, FCA
Foundation date: 2015

Brief informationTickmill

Tickmill is owned by Tickmill Ltd. This is a Forex broker that provides its services in more than 200 countries, the United States is not included in this list. The company's headquarters is located at F28-F29 Eden Plaza, Eden Island, Mahe, Seychelles. The broker has representative offices in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The site indicates that the broker has licenses from three financial regulators: CySEC, FCA. The parent company is regulated as an FCA Securities Dealer.

It is not known when “Tickmill” began its activities, but the site contains a large number of awards, which, according to the broker, were received for professional activities over the years. The broker also assures that over 89 million transactions have been completed on its platform, and the average volume of trade per month is more than 123 billion dollars. You can get acquainted with the managing staff of the company by visiting the section “International Team”.

Tickmill trading instruments

The broker opens access to the Forex market and offers to trade more than 60 currency pairs. You can get a complete list of pairs on the website in the section "Trading Instruments" - "Forex Market". On the Tickmill platform, they trade stock indices and oil. Broker's clients have access to 14 indexes. Gold and silver can be traded with spreads from 0.0 points and leverage up to 1: 500. Bonds are also presented as a financial instrument.

Tickmill types of trading accounts

The broker provided trading accounts for both beginners and experienced traders. There are only three of them:

  • PRO — deposit is from 100 USD / EUR / GBP, balance is without limits, spreads are from 0,0 points, leverage is up to 1: 500, commission is - 2 in each direction for every 100,000 dollars in transactions, lot is from 0,01, it is available an option of Islamic accounts, you can use any trading strategies;
  • CLASSIC — deposit is from 100 USD / EUR / GBP, balance is without limits, spreads are from 1.6 points, leverage is up to 1: 500, zero commission, lot is from 0.01, Islamic account option is available, any trading strategies can be used;
  • VIP — there are no restrictions on the amount of the deposit, the balance is from 50,000 USD / EUR / GBP, spreads are from 0,0 points, leverage is up to 1: 500, commission is - 1 in each direction for every 100,000 dollars in transactions, lot is from 0.01 , an Islamic account option is available, it is possible to use any trading strategies.
  • All of the above accounts can be converted into an Islamic account. Tickmill processes transfer requests within one business day. If the client decides to open any other account on the broker's platform, he/she will be automatically swap-free.

Tickmill demo-account 

Tickmill has a demo account for beginners. It is intended to meet with a broker, master trading skills, and also develop trading strategies on the MT4 platform.

Rules of using demo-account

  • If the client does not log in to the demo account within a week, the broker deactivates it.
  • You need to log in only with a master password, authorization with an investor password will not be valid.
  • If the client accumulates over 40 thousand messages per day, then he will receive a warning. If a client accumulates more than 40 thousand messages for two days nonstop, his training account must be canceled with the client's IP address blacklisted. This measure is needed to prevent overloading of servers designed for bulk sending requests.
  • If violations are noticed at the client’s training account, it will be sent to the archive. Three days before this, the broker agrees to notify the trader, and he, if desired, can save the account history.

Tickmill trading platform

The broker’s clients can choose one of two trading platforms:

MetaTrader 4 and WebTrader. The first platform needs to be downloaded. It is quite simple to operate, supports the MQL language, which makes it possible to program indicators and trading bots for automatic trading. The resource is equipped with charts that can be translated into 39 languages, and indicators in quantities of over 50 units. Orders are executed in one and a half seconds.

WebTrader is an analog of MetaTrader 4, only the platform does not need to be downloaded to use. It can be opened in any browser and trade. In terms of functionality, the platform does not differ from MT4. You can open and close deals in one click. When transferring data, an additional encryption system is used. The platform makes it possible to trade from anywhere in the world where there is access to the Internet.

Replenishment and withdrawal of funds: Tickmill conditions 

There are three ways to replenish accounts, as well as withdraw funds:

  • bank transaction;
  • by using card;
  • through electronic payment system.

The broker notes that some methods may not be available to citizens of certain countries.

You can deposit from 100 dollars, euros or pounds sterling. You can replenish the deposit in any currency, but it is automatically converted to the above mentioned ones. The minimum withdrawal amount is 25 dollars, euros or pounds sterling. The withdrawal is carried out only with the same currency that was deposited. The broker does not have a commission for crediting and withdrawing money. Processing replenishment applications is carried out instantly, for withdrawal - within one business day.

As for internal transfers between MT4 accounts, they are carried out instantly, provided that the currencies of the accounts coincide. If not, the conversion is performed automatically.

If a bank payment is credited from $ 5,000 or the equivalent amount in Euro / Pounds sterling, the broker promises to cover the bank's commission, provided that the amount is transferred in one payment. Tickmill returns up to $ 100 or the equivalent in the currency indicated above. The client needs to send a copy of the document, which can confirm the transaction. Refunds are made within one month.

It is indicated on the broker's website that it can withdraw compensation for the service fee if the trader is not active in trading.

Tickmill affiliate programs

The broker actively attracts partners by offering two areas of cooperation:

  • introducing broker;
  • manager of several accounts.

The introducing broker is engaged in attracting customers, that is what it gets a fee for:

  • $ 10 for each open lot from CLASSIC accounts, $ 2 for each lot from PRO and VIP accounts;
  • commission for each transaction opened by a referral with precious metals or currency pairs.

The introducing broker can be both individuals and companies, it is enough to accomplish three steps:

  • to registrate;
  • to verify your account by downloading an identity document and confirming your address;
  • to enter the office and activate the account.

Multi Account Manager – is  a program that provides financial managers with the ability to place orders on any number of accounts. It is built into the MT4 trader. MAM users can be both experienced traders and investment companies that have the right to manage the money of their clients on their behalf.

The broker calls the following aspects the benefits of this type of accounts:

  • the ability to use the help of trading advisers;
  • lack of restrictions on the number of sub-accounts;
  • availability of Market, Stop, Limit orders.

As for the distribution of orders, it can be carried out in proportion to either balance or capital.

In order to be able to use the service, you need to register, make a deposit from 5,000 dollars, euros or pounds sterling. Then you should add to your main account other real existing accounts. Mandatory requirement: there must be at least two investors whose total capital exceeds $ 5,000.

Tickmill  promotions

The broker holds various events for his clients, for participation in which the company promises valuable prizes.

 «Trader of the month»

This is a contest in which the best trader of the month is selected. He/she receives a reward of $ 1,000. Only traders with solid experience are allowed to participate. Total returns are assessed, as well as general trading skills, including risk management skills. All participants undergo additional registration.

 «Introducing brokers Competition»

Representatives of the broker take part in the annual competition, the one whose referrals trade more will win. Participants need to open an IB account and collect points for the activity that attracted traders are showing.

NFP Machine

The essence of the action is to guess the value of a certain instrument on the MT4 site at 16 o’clock. An instrument whose price you have to guess is selected every week. The broker will send $ 500 to the trading account for the participant who will give the exact number. If no one guesses the exact cost, a participant will receive a prize of $ 200, whose forecast is closer to the truth.

To participate in the promotion you need to make a forecast, indicate the full name and number of the trading account. The forecast needs to be made during the week, from Monday midnight till Friday 3 p.m.

 «Cashback promotion»

Tickmill gives you the opportunity to earn extra money by cashback paying. The promotion is not held on an ongoing basis. To participate, you need to open an account, deposit $ 100 into it and trade. The more transactions traders conduct, the more solid the cashback will be:

  • from 0 to 1 000 lots — 0,25 dollars refund;
  • from 1 001 to 3 0000 lots — 0,50 dollars refund;
  • from 3 001 —  0,75 dollars refund.

Registration and personal account with Tickmill 

Trading with a broker begins with registration. You should go to the registration form and fill in all the columns.

Then you should go to your Tickmill account and upload documents proving the identity of the trader, as well as his address. It remains to choose the account and make money. The final step is to choose a platform.

Tickmill training and trading instruments

Tickmill educates its customers in trading. To this end, the site stores thematic e-books for download, a series of webinars and seminars are presented. For beginners, the broker promises video tutorials. There are technical and fundamental market analysis, as well as an economic calendar to help customers. Traders can use the margin and pips calculator, as well as the currency converter.


Tickmill provides a solid range of services and positions itself as a reliable broker. But you should not take a word. To understand who is in front of you, an honest company or a scam, read feedbacks on the network. We recommend that you read the legal documents. It will not be superfluous to show these documents to specialists and get advice regarding this company.

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Trader Reviews

Кому актуально, можете обратиться к юристам Они проводят процедуру чарджбэка и помогают вернуть деньги от мошенников. После долгих попыток самостоятельно вернуть деньги я понял что только привлечение специалистов может помочь. Хоть головой об стенку бейся, никакого толку не будет. Мошенники не вернут украденных денег, как бы вы не хотели.

  • 2 months ago

Думала что компания Tickmill действительно легальная компания, которой можно доверять, а все мои надежды просто не оправдались. А все потому что нечего верить во все, что рассказывают. Нужно было качественно подходить к выбору посредника и проверять факты о его работе. После того как я пополнила счет, мой личный кабинет заблокировали и на связь теперь просто никто не выходит… Кинули и все. Этого они видимо и добивались.

  • 2 months ago

Лично я столкнулся с тем, что со мной прекратили сотрудничество с одностороннем порядке после того как я попытался вывести деньги. Типа расторгли договоре и все. Я не раз вкладывал деньги так как думал что наращиваю торговые обороты и увеличиваю прибыль, а оказывается это все разводняк и показуха, лишь бы трейдеры вкладывали побольше бабла. Так я потерял около 3 штук. Представляю как они радовались, что попали на такого лоха

  • 2 months ago

Потерял на платформе Tickmill много денег.. и что самое интересное умудрился вложить почти все накопления, которые мы с семьей копили на новое жилье. А нечего было слушаться рекомендаций менеджеров и торговать по их сигналов. А все они оказались фальшивыми и привели к тому что я потерял все деньги. Они от ответственности отказываются, что им предъявишь непонятно

  • 2 months ago

Принял поспешное решение о чем очень сильно пожалел. Не нужно было связываться с Tickmill, поэтому не повторяйте моих ошибок. Поверил тому что мне рассказали менеджеры конторы, а они и воспользовались моей доверчивостью и неопытностью. Предложили установить Анидэск, чтобы как бы дистанционно помогать в управлении платформой, ну я и согласился. Так они мало того что списали все деньги с брокерского счета, так еще получили доступ к другим банковским картам и списали деньги с них. Во к кому теперь обращаться за помощью??? что делать?? знаю что виноват сам, но хотелось бы как то это дело урегулировать и вернуть деньги

  • 2 months ago


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