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CDLCONLINE24 Quick reference

CDLCCONLINE24 is a brokerage company that specializes in automated trading solutions for the cryptocurrency market. According to the information provided on the site, the broker has been working since 2012 and calls itself the creator of a special model of “intellectual trading”. The company focuses on the introduction of innovative technologies, striving to increase the level of security of transactions and the safety of customer funds. According to CDLCCONLINE24, its technology is based on the NASDAQ system. Thanks to this, the broker can ensure that there are no delays in processing orders.

Account Types and Trading Opportunities

Depending on the goals and capabilities, the client can open one of five accounts. The client retains the right to change the type of account at any time.

  1. Basic account involves trading from any device, the ability to use supporting materials and seek help from an analyst with an experience of one year. Withdrawal of funds is carried out with a commission, the first one is free of charge. Minimum deposit is 500€.
  2. Classic account makes it possible to use all the services of the basic account, but several additional options are also added: a credit limit, the ability to withdraw funds without restrictions and commissions, and also to use trading signals for a month. Minimum deposit is 5000 €.
  3. When opening a gold account, in addition to the basic options that are presented in the previous two types of accounts, the client has the opportunity to consult a professional analyst, get a daily analysis of the situation on the stock and cryptocurrency markets, trade with the bot, carry out up to five transactions a week without risk of loss . The minimum deposit for this type of account is 25,000 €.
  4. Platinum account opens up even more opportunities for a user. Having this type of account, the client can carry out arbitrage profits and form a portfolio, including taking into account arbitration. Also, a platinum account allows you to work with risks at a highly professional level, bearing in mind the business plan developed by analysts. The minimum deposit is 100,000 €.
  5. And finally, a corporate account for legal entities. This type of account allows you to receive professional advice on transactions 24/7, to trade with the help of bot, including independent trading, to carry out arbitrage profits, to receive a personal business plan in accordance with the recommendations of the risk manager and much more. The minimum deposit for this account is 50,000 €.

Replenishment and withdrawal

In order to start investing with CDLCCONLINE24, you must first register through the form presented on the homepage of the official website. To fully activate your dashboard, you need to activate your account by transferring the minimum amount corresponding the type of account selected to it. Replenishment of the account, as well as the withdrawal of funds, is standardly carried out with the help of MASTERCARD / VISA cards. For other methods of replenishment or withdrawal of funds, you should contact Support team. Please note that withdrawal of funds for some types of accounts is possible only after 6 or 3 months after entering. Also, the rules for withdrawing funds indicate that in order to make a request for withdrawing money, you must submit an application that is considered up to 7 business days.


CDLCCONLINE, offering brokerage services, captivates with innovative approaches to the activities of the trader. The emphasis is on trading bots based on algorithmic signals. Also, the broker pays a lot of attention to the process of training in trading and general financial literacy. CDLCCONLINE customers gain access to a wide range of training materials designed to expand their trading skills. For those who are not interested in conducting trading activity directly, there is an option for a savings account. In general, the company provides a wide range of brokerage services, however, the degree of reliability of the company remains in question. Among the feedbacks of real customers there are both positive and negative feedbacks.

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